red felt fedora

Timeless style is the key to Pachacuti’s collections this year: designs which look good not just from season to season, but from decade to decade. Styles with longevity made from quality fabrics, wool felt and alpaca, which contribute to a more sustainable design aesthetic.


Pachacuti’s inspiration for our Autumn/Winter 2011 Felt Hat collection is drawn from the classic hat style of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.


Many people associate South American traditional dress with the bowler hat, worn by women throughout the Andes.  However, with the wearing of felt hats in decline amongst indigenous communities as they rapidly adopt western dress, many hatters are shutting up shop. 



In the village where making felt hats ecuadorwe work there used to be twenty workshops when I first visited in the early '90s and now only a few remain.


Pachacuti is developing new styles of felt hats in order to give the artisans an outlet for their traditional skills and preserve this important aspect of Andean textile heritage.  Our felt hat orders represent an important source of income for this small family workshop and, as our orders grow every year, we hope that they may soon start to expand as a result of increased production.  This season you can also find a selection of Pachacuti Panama hats on Net-à-Porter

grey felt fedora buckle

knitting pattern

natural dyes

Pachacuti’s inspiration for our Autumn/Winter 2011 alpaca collection comes from quirky and curious finds from heirloom knitting patterns.

Our autumnal colour palette is taken from scrumping for apples and damsons in neighbours’ gardens.

Alpaca is a true luxury and sustainable fibre. This hooded shawl is made from the softest, most luxurious baby alpaca yarn. This incredible fibre naturally repels the odours and stains of city life, meaning that alpaca garments need very little washing which further adds to their eco-credentials.


alpaca hooded shawl


Alpaca is one of the most sustainable fibres available: the animals graze freely high in the Andes and cause barely any damage to native vegetation. Moreover, the fibre doesn’t bobble or pill and stays looking good for an estimated 10 years.

Pachacuti is the first company in the world to be Fair Trade Certified by the World Fair Trade Organisation, a guarantee of the highest social and environmental standards throughout the supply chain.


alpaca bow hat