Bespoke Orders & Hat Restoration

For Pachacuti customers, we are pleased to offer a range of Bespoke and Hat Restoration services with the following options available.
Bespoke Orders & Hat Restoration Pachacuti

Notice: All Restoration Services will become available again from October 2022


Bespoke Ribbon Service – We are happy to trim a hat with your own ribbon or match your request. – from £12.50

Hat Re-stretching – If your hat has shrunk or is just a bit small. We can resize it to a larger size. – £15

Hat Re-stretch and external reband – Trim with a new band and resize.  £25

Hat Reshaping – If your hat has lost it’s shape, we can hand block it back to shape. – £40

Hat Patching – If your hat has developed a crack, we can patch it and then put it back to shape. – from £30 – £50

Full Cleaning and Restoration– We will hand clean  and reshape your hat,  then replace the internal and external ribbons. – from £60

Return Post and Packaging – Charges vary depending on your location.

*It’s important to point out, that if your hat is cracked, it may effect our ability to restore or re-block your hat. 

*We only work on our own Pachacuti labeled hats. 

To find our more about our services, please contact our shop at +44(0) 1538 388 580 or email

Alternatively, you may directly post your hat along with a note containing your contact details and specifying the service you require to following address.

Pachacuti Ltd
70 Derby Street
ST13 5AJ
United Kingdom

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