Bespoke Orders & Hat Restoration

UPDATED: 4 October 2023

We have limited spaces available for restorations. Please contact the shop directly with your query.

For Pachacuti customers, we are pleased to offer a range of Bespoke and Hat Restoration services with the following options available.
Bespoke Orders & Hat Restoration Pachacuti


Bespoke Ribbon Service – We are happy to trim a hat with your own ribbon or match your request. – from £12.50

Hat Re-stretching – If your hat has shrunk or is just a bit small. We can resize it to a larger size. – £15

Hat Re-stretch and external reband – Trim with a new band and resize.  £25

Hat Reshaping – If your hat has lost it’s shape, we can hand block it back to shape. – £40

Hat Patching – If your hat has developed a crack, we can patch it and then put it back to shape. – from £30 – £50

Full Cleaning and Restoration– We will hand clean  and reshape your hat,  then replace the internal and external ribbons. – from £60

Return Post and Packaging – Charges vary depending on your location.

*It’s important to point out, that if your hat is cracked, it may effect our ability to restore or re-block your hat. 

*We only work on our own Pachacuti labeled hats. 

As we are entering peak season, we strongly advise that you contact our team prior to sending your hat to check service availability and for a free quote.

T: +44(0) 1538 388 580

or email [email protected]

After contacting us, you may directly post your hat along with a note containing your contact details and specifying the service you require to following address.

Pachacuti Ltd
70 Derby Street
ST13 5AJ
United Kingdom

Contact Us  + 44 1538388580

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