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Press Clippings

“We want people talking about the provenance of clothes,” says Somers, “raising awareness of the fact that we aren’t just purchasing a garment, but a whole chain of value and relationships”.

Alexandra Shulman

“For more daring fashionistas, however, there was only one option in the hat department: a Panama cap. Resembling a Panama hat, but with a little peaked baseball cap instead of a brim, this is Glorious Goodwood’s newest style courtesy of Fair Trade Hatters Pachacuti”.


“Pachacuti, the Derbyshire-based hat brand known for its authentic panamas and being the first company in the world to be accredited by the World Fair Trade Organisation.”

Anna Wintour

“By paying fairly and providing training, their co-operative has actually been gaining weavers, helping not only keep a traditional craft alive but also enabling families to stay together”.


“Here I am, standing in a tiny store in the middle of the breathtakingly wild Derbyshire countryside, trying on hats. ..The only hat I have ever owned is a velvet-covered helmet for riding; there are many days, out on my race horse, when I weigh up the options – possible brain damage vs flat hair – and decide on the former. But that was until I tried on a Panama, the most beautiful hat in the world”.