Our Clientele

We understand that to some buying a hat online seems a challenge. We try to make it as easy for
you as we can and we will provide you with the personalised customer service throughout the
process. Here are a few of the many press clippings, customer photos and comments we are proud
to have received from our clients.
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My name is Charles, and wanted to thank you for the personal attention (and answers to my extra questions), your support team are exceptional and made me feel like a real valued customer.

Keep it up and thanks again!


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Thank you very much for my hat, which arrived on Friday morning – it’s great. Thank you very much for your highly swift and efficient and most importantly personal service.

Best Wishes


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Thanks so much for my reshaped hat which I received today. It now fits perfectly once again and the new ribbon finishes it off nicely.

The service you have shown is far superior to that I have experienced from Lock or Christies and I shall be buying more Pachacuti hats in the future and recommending you to friends.

Thanks again,


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I received my exchanged hat today and this time it’s a perfect fit! I just want to say thanks for your excellent customer service. Everything has been seamless and the hat is beautiful. And I’m delighted that my purchase helps empower the women that make them. Well done!

Again many thanks



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I love your hats! They are beautifully made and you give excellent customer service! I wanted a hat for my honeymoon and you went over and above to ensure I received it on time! I can’t recommend your company highly enough!

Kind Regards,


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I just wanted to let you know that my hat arrived on Friday morning and is absolutely perfect. Purchasing a hat without trying it on is very difficult but I wouldn’t hesitate to use your on line store again. Thank you for your help and advise.


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Vogue Pachacuti

“Pachacuti, the Derbyshire-based hat brand known for its authentic panamas and being the first company in the world to be accredited by the World Fair
Trade Organisation.”


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Daily Mail Pachacuti

“Here I am, standing in a tiny store in the middle of the breathtakingly wild Derbyshire countryside, trying on hats. The only hat I have ever owned is a velvet-covered helmet for riding; there are many days, out on my race horse, when I weigh up the options – possible brain damage vs flat hair – and decide on the former. But that was until I tried on a Panama, the most beautiful hat in the world”.

Liz Jones

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D1- Guardian Pachacuti

“By paying fairly and providing training, their co-operative has actually been gaining weavers, helping not only keep a traditional craft alive but also enabling families to stay together”.


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It arrived today while I was at work, is an absolutely wonderful fit, and a beautiful hat. It’s stunning; I’m very pleased, and so happy it’s from a responsible supply chain. I thought I should let you know. Thanks very much for getting back to me so promptly, and thank you for the hat.

Kind Regards,


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B2 Daily Telegraph Pachacuti

“For more daring fashionistas, however, there was only one option in the hat department: a Panama cap. Resembling a Panama hat, but with a little peaked baseball cap instead of a brim, this is Glorious Goodwood’s newest style courtesy of Fair Trade Hatters Pachacuti”.


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A4 - Vogue Pachacuti

"We want people talking about the provenance of clothes,” says Somers, “raising awareness of the fact that we aren’t just purchasing a garment, but a whole chain of value and relationships."

Alexandra Shulman