Alma Teardrop Panama

Alma Teardrop Panama


Woven with Soul

Alma, meaning soul in Spanish, was selected as the name for this hat because it shows the depth of purpose and significance beyond its mere appearance.The name represents a harmonious blend of our passions, drawing inspiration from materials collected during our travels across Latin America, carefully curated for you.

Firstly, the straw used in the Alma. It’s special, and we’ve named it Paja Verde (green straw). We are the only Panama hat company in the world weaving with this exceptional material. This straw exudes vitality, carries a delightful scent, and gradually develops a warm patina as it ages with wear. The brim of the hat undergoes a hand-rolling process in our studio in the Peak District of England, meaning each hat boasts its own distinct character.

Following this, we adorn the hat with a vegetable-tanned leather band, meticulously cut and handwoven by skilled artisans from Mexico. These artisans, recognized for their expertise in weaving leather for huaraches and our footwear collections, contribute to the artisanal expression of the Alma. To complete the ensemble, we added our logo, hand-cut from sterling silver by a skilled jeweller from Ecuador.

Every considered element plays a role in crafting more than just a fashion product; it evolves into an artefact with a soul. This isn’t merely our belief; we’re confident that our customers can discern and appreciate the exceptional difference in each piece.

The Alma is more than just a Panama hat. It’s a wearable story, a culmination of passion, heritage, and the soul of living. It’s an invitation to embrace the world with open arms, to cherish the beauty in handcrafted details, and to own a piece reflecting your unique journey.

Alma Teardrop Panama

Design & Craftsmanship

Exclusively sourced Paja Verde: Sustainable straw that patinas as you wear it.

Expertly handwoven in Ecuador: Fair Trade & made with love.

Hand-rolled brim: Finished in England, each hat is unique.

Llano Weave: Smooth finish and denser weave.

Handcrafted over 3-4 days: Timeless quality & artisan skill.

Handwoven leather band: Vegetable-tanned using no harsh chemicals.

Sterling silver logo: Jeweller cut and filed by hand in Ecuador.

Meet the expert weavers: Connect with the makers behind your hat.

Alma Teardrop Panama


The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.


Pablo Picasso


Alma Teardrop Panama
Paja Verde: More Than Just Green Straw


The straw in this hat is a unique material we’ve coined as Paja Verde. It sets us apart as the sole Panama hat company in the world utilising this exceptional material. In our commitment to creating hats with a minimal carbon footprint, we sought out straw not used in Panama hat production. Unlike the standard Panama hat straw harvested from the coast, which undergoes a lengthy 12-hour truck journey into the Andes, our journey took us towards the Amazon. There, just a brief 2-hour distance from our workshop, we delved into the cloud forest, carefully sourcing the materials that would allow us to weave fresh green material and skip the processes of cooking, and bleaching hats. Thus, through sourcing locally, we saved carbon and minimised our environmental impact.

As a result, each hat begins its life with a fresh, invigorating scent and a beautiful green hue. Over time, the straw naturally oxidises in the sunlight, developing a warm, unique patina that reflects the individual variations in the shades of the grass. This natural process makes every hat truly one-of-a-kind.

Alma Teardrop Panama

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