Beausoleil Navy Panama

Beausoleil Navy Panama


Cool under the Shade

The Beausoleil, meaning “beautiful sun,” is a wide-brim Panama hat that epitomises style and functionality for those radiant, sun-drenched days. Crafted with unique hand-crocheted detailing along the brim and band, this hat showcases undeniable artisanal elegance. Its sophisticated combination of navy and natural straw hues brings a sense of seaside charm, offering unmatched versatility in styling. The classic Panama shape allows for a seamless transition between casual moments, like lounging by the poolside or dressing up for summer soirées.

Perfect for any summer occasion, the Beausoleil offers elegant protection against the sun’s rays while invoking a sense of beauty and grace under the sunlight. More than just an accessory, the Beausoleil is a statement of timeless fashion, embodying both the joy of good living and a chic, conscious lifestyle.

At Pachacuti, our philosophy extends beyond the quick sell; we wholeheartedly embrace slow fashion principles, emphasising quality over quantity and timeless design. The Beausoleil sun hat embodies these virtues, making it more than a mere fashion accessory. Woven into it is our commitment to crafting enduring style and ethical production; it embodies the essence of the good life and will add a touch of conscious luxury to your journey.

Beausoleil Navy Panama

Design & Craftsmanship

A classic domed crown hat for women: A timeless look.

Extra Wide Brim (12-14cm): Slight variations due to hand finishing.

Hand-crochet band and brim: An artistic touch.

Pachacuti Logo: Stainless steel pin.

Expertly handwoven in Ecuador.

Designed in England: Hand finished in the heart of the Peak District.

Meet the expert weavers: Connect with the skilled artisans behind your hat.

Beausoleil Navy Panama


Truth, and goodness, and beauty are but different faces of the same all.


Ralph Waldo Emerson


Beausoleil Navy Panama

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