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Bertie Penny Loafer Walnut

Bertie Penny Loafer Walnut


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You know that pair of shoes you can’t imagine life without? The ones that go with your shorts, jeans, and even your suit? That’s the Bertie Loafer. Handwoven leather details on the sides and upper vamp accent the shoe and exude a subtle masculinity. Their slip-on design is casual and convenient for travel, whilst a small heel and raised stitching around the toe bestows a smarter vibe. The perfect smart-casual shoe, you’ll wear our Bertie Loafers so much that they will feel like an extension of yourself.


Man wearing slip on dark brown leather loafer


•  Handwoven detail on vamp and sides

•  Upward stitched moc-toe construction

•  Leather saddle with diamond cut-out and beef roll edging

•  Folded top-line for maximum comfort

•  Can be smart or casual

•  Lightweight and durable

•  Ideal for travel

•  Timeless design in keeping with our slow fashion ethos

•  Made from sustainably sourced, vegetable tanned leather

•  Our shoes are handmade in Mexico following Fair Trade and sustainable business practices

Dark brown slip on men's loafer

“Life is not what happened to you but what you remember and how you remember it to retell it.”   — Gabriel García Márquez

Sustainably made shoes in Mexico

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