Dales Derby Brown

Dales Derby Brown


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With laces and a small heel, our Derby Dales are formal and refined. But dressing smartly doesn’t have to be boring. The top of the shoe (also known as the vamp) displays an exquisite leather pattern, handwoven by our skilled craftsmen. The side features another eye-catching weave which mirrors the natural arch of the foot and increases the breathability of the shoe. Our Derby Dales are a classic dress shoe with a healthy dose of Pachacuti flavour, meaning you can still express your individuality, even at formal occasions. 

Dales Derby Brown


• Handwoven pattern on vamp (top of the shoe)

• Handwoven detail reaching around the toe and side

• Small heel

• Lace-up fastening

• Robust and durable

• Timeless design in keeping with our slow fashion ethos

• Handmade by traditional artisans in Mexico from sustainably sourced, vegetable tanned leather

Our shoes are handmade in Mexico following Fair Trade and sustainable business practices

Dales Derby Brown

“Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost.”
― Erol Ozan

Dales Derby Brown

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