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Devonshire Ivory Panama – Select Brisa Weave

Devonshire Ivory Panama – Select Brisa Weave



The Devonshire, a quintessential ladies Panama hat, features a wide brim that offers excellent sun protection. Its elegant and feminine design complements any attire, from relaxed holiday wear to more sophisticated outfits. A chic, narrow silver Petersham ribbon adorns it, adding a touch of simplicity. As a testament to our commitment to slow fashion, this hat not only boasts timeless style but also lovingly crafted, ensuring it will stand the test of time.



  • Adorned with a Petersham ribbon for an elegant finish.
  • Features a brim width of approximately 10-11 cm, with slight variations possible due to the hand-finishing process.
  • Constructed to be non-rollable.
  • Crafted from eco-friendly, sustainably grown Toquilla straw.
  • Produced in Ecuador, our handwoven Panama hats adhere to Fair Trade and sustainable practices. Learn more about the skilled weavers behind these creations.





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