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Mariner Steel Panama Trilby

Mariner Steel Panama Trilby



The Mariner Steel trilby is a men’s Panama hat of casual sophistication. This unique textured weave was developed by Pachacuti in collaboration with our weavers to create a hat that is flexible and allows air to circulate on hot summer days. It can be rolled up carefully to pack away a take on all your travels. The hat is finished with steel grey Petersham ribbon and the brim is trimmed with white cotton. Matches nicely with chinos and a linen shirt and blazer and makes an easy addition to a summer wardrobe.


Design & Craftmanship

• Teardrop shaped crown with airy open weave for cool ventilation

• A rollable hat with a twisted weave

• Fabric trimmed brim. The brim of this hat is approximately 5-6 cm

• Made from sustainably grown toquilla straw

• Our handwoven Panama hats are made in Ecuador following Fair Trade and sustainable business practices. Meet our hat weavers


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 Gabriel García Márquez


Click the image below to watch a video about our production process.

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