Mille Bisous Panama Fedora

Mille Bisous Panama Fedora


Who Doesn’t Want a Thousand Kisses?

We coined the name Mille Bisous for this cleverly embroidered Panama fedora, inspired by its delightful resemblance to a tapestry of petite X kisses. A master artisan skilfully back-weaves little black straws into the brisa pattern, bestowing it with a simple yet charming decorative finish that exudes a sense of joy and light heartedness, perfect for carefree moments spent under the sun.

The romantic twist on the classic Panama fedora extends to its simple black ribbon trim, meticulously hand-embroidered with natural X kisses on a black background and adorned with the Pachacuti logo. Indeed, the Mille Bisous Panama fedora transcends being just a sun hat; it’s a delightful fashion statement brimming with personality. Its playful design and joyful spirit are sure to garner admirers, making it a standout accessory for any occasion.

Mille Bisous Panama Fedora

Design & Craftsmanship

Sustainably harvested toquilla straw: Bio-rich habitat.

Classic fedora shape: 7 cm brim.

Hand-embroidered: With black xx kisses.

Expertly handwoven in Ecuador: Master artisan’s attention to detail.

Hand-embroidered Petersham ribbon: Artistic accent.

Handcrafted beauty: Unique variations in each hat.

Meet the expert weavers: Connect with the makers behind your hat.

Discrete Pachacuti logo pin: Bespoke gold toned detailing.

Mille Bisous Panama Fedora


Zou bisou bisou, zou bisou, zou bisou
 Mon Dieu qu’ils sont doux


Gillian Hills


Mille Bisous Panama Fedora

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