Mocha Panama Trilby

Mocha Panama Trilby


A Tasty Treat of a Trilby

Discover the easy-to-wear blend of style and comfort with our Mocha Panama Trilby, aptly named for its light brown straw and richly chocolate-coloured leather band. The lower-profiled, teardrop crown’s shape sits comfortably without feeling cumbersome, while the narrow brim offers essential sun hat protection for your eyes and face without obstructing your view or overwhelming your look. It’s an easy-to-wear summer hat with a thoughtful design, meaning you can enjoy your day under the sun, whether you’re exploring city streets, attending festivals, or simply enjoying a leisurely day outdoors without sacrificing comfort or style.

Mocha Panama Trilby

Design & Craftsmanship

Select Brisa Weave: Light and breathable.

Narrow sporty brim: 4-5cm hand finished edges.

Vegetable tanned leather band: Reducing environmental impacts.

Genuine Panama hat: Handwoven in Ecuador.

Fair trade business: Supports fair wages and the weaving tradition.

Mocha Panama Trilby


Cock your hat – angles are attitudes.


Frank Sinatra


The “paja toquilla” fibre used in our hat production is organically grown and sustainably harvested from a community owned plantation. This ecological cultivation provides income to the community whilst encouraging biodiversity and preserving the environment for future generations.

Mocha Panama Trilby

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