Savannah Palm Fedora

Savannah Palm Fedora


Journey from Palm to Open Plains

Embrace the spirit of the natural world with our Savannah wide-brim sun hat, a handmade accessory that blends earthy elegance with utilitarian function. These hats are handcrafted by master Mexican hatmakers from sustainably cultivated and harvested palm leaves. We are amazed by the skills and patience of these often-overlooked artisans, who laboriously hand-braid and then sew these natural fibres, a process that demands precision, ensuring each weave contributes to the hat’s textural design and strength.

The braids are then hand-toasted with flame, imbuing it with deep, rich, warm tones that evoke the essence of the earth. Following this, the braids are meticulously stitched together to create the hat’s form and its wide 8 cm brim, offering substantial protection from the sun while adding a touch of timeless style to any outdoor ensemble.

We then adorned the Savannah and enhanced its natural appeal with a simple, brown leather band, which is made using vegetable-dyed and eco-friendly processing. The final touch is our gold Pachacuti – Sam Browne pin, ensuring it’s a fine quality product.

This hat is available in only two sizes – Medium (56-58) and Large (59-61), utilising an elasticated band to ensure a comfortable fit.

Savannah Palm Fedora

Design & Craftsmanship

Natural palm leaf fibre: A sustainable material.

Hand-braided and sewn: Well-structured design.

Made in Mexico: Artisan-crafted by skilled hands.

Vegetable-dyed leather: A superior eco-friendly alternative.

Designed in England: Hand-finished in the Peak District.

Savannah Palm Fedora


How good it is to look sometimes across great spaces, to lift one’s eyes from narrowness, to feel the large silence that rests on lonely hills!


Elizabeth von Arnim


Savannah Palm Fedora



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