Selene Panama Wide Brim

Selene Panama Wide Brim



Selene, our wide-brimmed ladies’ Panama hat, gracefully merges the interplay of shadow and light with elegance in every fibre. More than just an accessory, Selene is a homage to the heavens, a nod to shady repose from the midday glare to the tranquil allure of summer evenings bathed in moonlight, masterfully captured in the craft of hat-making.

The silhouette of the flat top crown and wide brim makes a modern statement, crafted from midnight black straw twisted into a textural and open weave, promising cool comfort as the sun reigns across the sky and enough of a veil for secrets and an allure of mystery.

Encircling this crown is a lustrous mink ribbon finished in a diamond-shaped bow. At the centre, a bespoke ribbon, handwoven by an indigenous artisan from northern Ecuador, melds black, mink, and metallic shimmering silver into a decorative pattern. This jacquard embodies ancient craftsmanship and contemporary narratives, all the while echoing the sparkle of stardust. It is adorned with a discreet Pachacuti pin, a sign of quality.

Embrace Selene and let each tilt of the brim unfold your story beneath the endless sky.

Selene Panama Wide Brim

Design & Craftsmanship

Twisted Straw Weave: Textural, durable and airy.

Milanese ribbon: Lustrous linen, viscose blend.

Handloomed ribbon: Supporting indigenous artisans.

Wider brim- 8cm: Superior sun protection and versatile style.

Handwoven Panama Hat: Ecuadorian craftsmanship, aligned with Fair Trade principles.

Selene Panama Wide Brim

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Selene Panama Wide Brim


All the diversity, all the charm, and all the beauty of life are made up of light and shade.


Leo Tolstoy


Selene Panama Wide Brim



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