Solano Panama Teardrop

Solano Panama Teardrop


Radiant Craftsmanship

We love the beauty of the Solano Panama hat and how it embodies the essence of sunlight, drawing inspiration from the natural and warm hues that characterise the radiance of the sun. Through an artisanal process of dip-dyeing, this handwoven toquilla straw hat transitions gracefully from its natural-coloured crown to a golden-hued brim, creating an effortless blend that mirrors the myriad transitions of sunlight from dawn to golden hour.

The twisted straw weave and hand-rolled brim showcase the skill and craftsmanship of our artisans. This traditional technique emphasises the bespoke, handmade nature of the Solano, giving it a distinctive aesthetic appeal that softens the profile of the hat and makes it stand out from mass-produced alternatives. Given its hand-crafted production, the Solano is a limited-edition piece.

Solano, named after the east wind that blows through the Strait of Gibraltar in summer, captures this breezy quality with a twisted straw weave, ensuring breathability and comfort even on the hottest of days.

To finalise the design, we’ve elegantly accented the Solano sun hat with a hand-stitched leather band, drawing inspiration from the sun itself—the stitching on the brown leather is emblematic of radiant sunbeams, adding sophisticated visual appeal. It’s then adorned with a gold logo pin, complementing the hat’s overall aesthetic and enhancing its elegance.

Experience the timeless elegance of the Solano sun hat and embrace the essence of summer wherever you go.

Solano Panama Teardrop

Design & Craftsmanship

Limited production: A truly special hat.

Twisted Weave Crown & Brim: Robust texture and breathable.

Teardrop crown: A lower profile.

Hand-rolled Brim- 8-9cm: Artisan-crafted.

Hand-stitched Leather band: Fine craftsmanship.

Expertly woven in Ecuador: Fair Trade Panama hat, see our story.

100% Carludovia Palmata Straw: Native plant of Ecuador.

Solano Panama Teardrop


In summer, the song sings itself.


William Carlos Williams


Solano Panama Teardrop

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