Walden Panama Fedora

Walden Panama Fedora


The Walden

The Walden embodies a quiet, natural allure, defined by its classic fedora silhouette with a neatly tapered crown and a perfectly proportioned brim. Our choice of our sustainable Paja Verde straw adds a layer of interest and texture, evolving from a subdued green to a warm patina over time, further enhanced by the selection of mink grosgrain, sourced from Italy, for its soft-sheen finish and linen-like texture. While its appearance is straightforward and refined, the Walden speaks volumes of its underlying virtues: superior craftsmanship, a nod to tradition, and a deep-seated bond with the natural world.

The decision to use neutral shades and exquisite materials was deliberate, aiming to create an accessory that conveys sophistication without ostentation—a muted expression of luxury that values the intangible, yet is rich in meaning.

Walden Panama Fedora

Design & Craftsmanship

Classic Fedora Crown: Iconic silhouette.

Exclusive Paja Verde: Sustainable straw that naturally patinas.

Llano weave: Sleek herringbone design.

Hand-finished brim – 7cm: Slight variations due to artisan craftsmanship.

Expertly handwoven in Ecuador: Discover who made your hat.

Walden Panama Fedora


Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the Earth.


Henry David Thoreau


Walden Panama Fedora

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