Wanderer Crochet Panama

Wanderer Crochet Panama



Embark on a journey with the Wanderer, our crochet Panama Teardrop Fedora that effortlessly blends rugged practicality with artisanal charm. We developed this sun hat especially for intrepid travellers and outdoor enthusiasts. Handcrafted from natural-coloured, sustainable toquilla straw, the Wanderer’s crown adopts a textile-like quality from the crochet weave, ensuring exceptional flexibility and durability. The intricate crochet also creates subtle ventilation holes, facilitating optimal airflow to keep you cool during sun-soaked adventures.

The brim, generously wide for ample sun protection, envelops your head in shaded comfort. Its warm, sandy tone contrasts the crown, and imbues a sun-drenched hue, while the unique textural weave both stiffens the brim and adds visual intrigue, thus elevating the design. This fusion of functionality and style guarantees you’ll both look and feel exceptional as you wander the great outdoors.
And the journey doesn’t stop there. The Wanderer is adorned with a full-grain vegetable-tanned leather band, in rich dark brown. It’s then accented by our discretely, elegant gold logo pin, marking your hat as a quality companion for life’s greatest expeditions.
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Wanderer Crochet Panama

Design & Craftsmanship

Teardrop crown: Lower profile for an unobtrusive fit.

Robust crochet weave: A flexible hat that is perfect for travel.

Wider Brim – 8cm: Perfect for shaded comfort.

Dark Brown Leather Band: Made in England.

Handcrafted in Ecuador: Masterful attention to detail.

Who Made Your Hat: Learn more about our skilled makers.

Wanderer Crochet Panama


Exploration is in our nature. We began as wanderers, and we are wanderers still.


Carl Sagan


Wanderer Crochet Panama

The “paja toquilla” fibre used in our hat production is organically grown and sustainably harvested from a community owned plantation. This ecological cultivation provides income to the community whilst encouraging biodiversity and preserving the environment for future generations.

Wanderer Crochet Panama

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