Winter Garden Embroidered Belt


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This belt expresses a perennial spirit that will never fade. Knotted florals are wreathed against a snow-white wool background. Claret, olive and golden threads, with the odd touch of black, bring a bold boho accent that expresses your natural style. An antique brass-plated, oval-shaped buckle brings the belt together. Comes in three different sizes. Lastly, this belt is extra comfy because the wool shapes itself to fit snugly around your waist or hips.

Winter Garden Embroidered Belt


Fair Trade Production Certified by the World Fair Trade Organisation

Made in Peru

Handwoven 100% wool belt. 

Hand-embroidered following regionally specific techniques. 

Supports indigenous cultural traditions

Biodegradable dyes with low environmental impact

Antique brass-plated, oval shaped buckle

Adjustable length with 3 sizes

Total Belt Lengths:  Small – 91cm, Medium – 99cm, Large – 110cm

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