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Behind all of our products there are people and stories, culture and traditions.

We hope this website not only provides a guide to the products we sell, but can be a cultural guide to the history, traditions, people and skills of the Latin American countries in which we have worked for almost three decades.
The Guide Pachacuti

Panama Hats

The roots of Pachacuti lie high in the Andes. Our panama hats stem from the creativity, skills, traditions and heritage of our artisans whose weaving heritage stretches back millennia. Weaving a panama hat is a communication system, a way of holding knowledge, a cultural exchange and an economic opportunity.
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The Guide Pachacuti


To expand our support for the artisanal and weaving heritage of Latin America, we are delighted to launch our first hand-crafted, vegetable-tanned shoe collection. Combining contemporary design with high quality workmanship rooted in the Mexican huarache tradition, our shoe collection is the modern continuance of a centuries old skill.
The Guide Pachacuti

Clothing & Accessories

Artisanal skills are still vibrant in Mexico, from spinning and natural dyes to weaving on backstrap and pedal looms. Our beach clothing and hamman-style towels are made by a family of Zapotec artisans who have been weaving for generations.
The Guide Pachacuti