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Try not to pinch the front of the crown too much as this is what causes the front to crack. It is best to pick the hat up by the brim or by cupping the crown with an open palm.

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Reshaping hats

If your Panama becomes misshapen you shouldbe able to recover the original shape of the hat by lightly steaming it over a boiling kettle and then shaping the hat by hand back to it’s original form. A blow dryer can be used on a low heat setting to dry the hat while you are holding its shape.

If the brim has becomes misshapen, you may iron the brim under a slightly damp cloth with the iron at a medium to low setting (high heat iron settings can cause burn marks to the hat). Then the Panama should then be placed over an appropriately shaped object such as a bowl and leave to regain its shape.


Should your Panama become dirty one should first try to remove dirt by lightly dusting with a dry cloth. Should the mark prove stubborn and difficult to remove in this way try using a moist facial
or baby wipe. This should remove most marks although care should be taken not to rub too hard. We recommend to not use soap and water


We can restore hats in-store

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