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World Upside Down

PACHACUTI (pronounced: pa-cha-cu-tee) means “turning the world around”  in the Quechua language. (pacha = world, time and space) and (cuti =change, turn, coming back on oneself)

We chose Pachacuti as our name because it describes our endeavour to be a force of positive change to help reverse the inequalities of the global fashion industry. We want fashion to become a force for good. We believe in an industry that values people, the environment, creativity and profit in equal measure.

Pachacuti was founded in 1992 by Carry Somers, with a clear vision to preserve traditional artisanal skills in the Andes through combining high quality, environmentally-friendly materials with Fair Trade working practices. Our mission is to source ethically and locally throughout the supply chain to the benefit of communities and the preservation of traditional craftsmanship.

We work to empower rural women in Ecuador who are socially, economically and geographically marginalised, yet our products are sold in some of the foremost luxury stores around the world.  It is our aim to provide an example within the fashion industry that a brand can create beautiful collections whilst still adhering to the highest social and environmental standards

The name Pachacuti, was also given to the ninth Sapa Incan king, who is famous for transforming the Kingdom of Cusco into the Incan Empire.